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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
How Children Receive Education During the Pandemic
2020/07/03 | editor
According to UNESCO, the education of 60% of the global school children population have been affected by the pandemic. How do we ensure the children's education con
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Caring Shops︱The Blessing of Community
2020/06/30 | editor
"I believe that positive interaction in community will result in a happier life." As a caring shop owner, Aldi kindly provides emergency assistance to those in need
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Disaster Preventive Education ~ Start at a Young Age
2020/06/30 | editor
Taiwan is in a high hazardous area facing more than 3 different kinds of natural disasters. With drills and activities, children are taught on self-protection and become little am
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A Food Parcel Is a Safety Net to Catch a Family
2020/06/22 | editor
When discussing with partners from various countries, they have brought ideas about food packages, in addition to differences in food preferences and diet culture, as well as co
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Putting Down Deep Roots In Taiwan Society
2020/06/22 | editor
Líng, as a immigrant bride from Indonesia, experiencing ongoing divorce lawsuit and diagnosed with stage 0 cancer, she still remains optimistic...
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I Miss the Taste of Chapati -New Delhi, India
2020/06/10 | editor
The mother dragged her tiring body, together with her children walked miles to collect the first meal they had in 4 days. 


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I Miss the Taste of Chapati -N
The mother dragged her tiring body, together with her children walked miles to collect the first meal they had in 4 day
Cycling along East Hualian
Following a full and wonderful meal, youngsters were cycling around the lake, to capture as much impressively last fin
You Can Make a Difference! U
Even though holes appeared in his socks and sneakers, Zac still wears them as he does not want his uncle to worry about
Senior Citizens Building New H
By feeding, interacting and hugging these hens, it provides a sense of companionship in a therapeutic manner he
Appreciation, Content with Ha
Jen understands strongly from the bottom of his heart that food needs to be cherished rather than wasted. 


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