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Going into Indonesia Provinsi Sulawesi Tengaha Palu, the earthquake damage area
2018/11/14 | editor
After 37 days of the earthquake stroked Palu, The Mustard Seed Mission went into the area. The first thing that catches the eye is the collapsing buildings on the ground. Come alo
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Community-Based Family Service
Passing Down through Generations
2018/11/14 | editor
"I grew in such a warm and homely environment because there's a group of people who loved me and accompanied me through my childhood," Lily said.
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Agape Children’s Home
One-day Bicycle Trip
2018/11/05 | editor
Today, girls challenge the 25 kilometers bicycle journey with persistence and encouragement with one another. Although it was a hard day, it was also a fulfilling and enjoyable d
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Mustard Seed Youth Home
An adventure on Siouguluan River
2018/11/05 | editor
Although this rafting event is only part of their experience, it already drained most of the energy out of everyone, but the kids' helpful attitude adds to the beauty of t
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Community-Based Family Service
Step into My Own Land!
2018/10/31 | editor
「I want to keep practicing because I want to understand it all!」 A touching talk came out from the 17-year old Xiaoting who faced difficulty at his very first job.
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Mustard Seed Youth Home
Mid-Autumn Moon Festival BBQ Party
2018/10/25 | editor
The Moon Festival is coming. Just a few days ago, the delicious smell of BBQ spread widely throughout the neighborhood of the Mustard Seed Youth Home, making the kids mouths wate


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Family Reunion Day
Most people have a nice dinner time with family every day. To enjoy the meals with loved ones is especiall
Valuing our Seniors
Extending the founder Lillian R. Dickson's mission of linking together all our overseas Christian friends, the M
Make the Belonging of His Hear
Through each conversation with teachers, Tommy gradually opened up his heard and pointed out the causes of making him a
Smiling Again
Grandma has chronic diabetes and serious asthma, accompanied by stress and exhaustion from work, it had put her on the
The First Public Performance
It was a hot and sunny day on August 12th when children's music band in the Mustard Seed Youth Home woke up early


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